Welcome to Outdoor Gear Repair

This page will tell you a little about the type of repair that we perform

Most of our time is spent replacing zippers and zipper pulls.
We fix open seams, and rips. But we also replace
straps, elastic, buckles, hook and loop, snaps, grommets, etc.
When areas have been damaged as when a grommet has pulled out,
we will reenforce those areas before installing the new grommet.
The replacement of damaged areas in clothing, tents, sleeping bags,
or other fabric or leather items is another area that we handle.

The cost can very a lot. We charge $40/hr + material, with a $10 minimum.
While fixing a 1 foot by 1 foot L shaped rip in a horse blanket may only
cost $20, fixing the sleave pulled loose from a leather jacket with a liner could cost $40.

This is one of the three parts of the tent that we fixed.

Here we are sewing new hook and loop on to the tent.

This is tar working on the tent.

i am removing the old hook and loop.

This is a boot that i put a new zipper in.

We put oil skin on these pants for abrasion resistance, water resistance, and breathability.

This cover was made for a customers bike trailer.

Knitting needle bag for a customer.

Mo is working on a repair.

Blue is working on a tent.

Now Blue is working on a coat.

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