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This is a picture of the TP bag that I make.

We make them from ripstop nylon. After removing the center from a roll of TP, put it in the bag.
It is then ready to be used. It can be hung from a limb in the woods, or a handle or hook in a vehicle.
The TP can be pulled out of the center of the roll, with out removing it from the bag.
This keeps it clean and dry.

This is a picture of the Shopping bags that I make.

Our shopping bags have a shoulder strap for ease of carrying,
and are made from 1000den cordura for strength and durability.

They are 8"x12"x15"high.

This is a picture of one of the hats I have made.

I can make them to your size and with or with out ear muffs.
You may pick your fabric. The striped hat is wool, the rest are fleece. The ear muffs are stretch fleece.
Hat with ear muffs up.

Hat with ear muffs down.

Hat with ear muffs up.

Hat with ear muffs up.

Hat with ear muffs down.

To order e-mail me with your mailing address and I will ship right away.
You can pay with PAYPAL my e-mail address is ogr@kenbo.org
Mail (snail mail) me a check for the amount of the product.
Outdoor Gear Repair 1075 taylor suit B Corvallis Oregon 97330

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